You can share your web hosting account with other people inside your company, or even third parties (for example to do SEO work, manage DNS entries or additional design work).

When you navigate to the account you wish to share, click the Permissions button. From this page you can see who has access to your account. In the top right corner you can Assign Access to new people.

Just enter in the person’s email address. If they already have an account they will gain access to the hosting account immediately. Otherwise it will send them a email with a invitation link for them to register.

You can set what permissions the user has from the following:


The user will be able to fully control the hosting account.


The user will be able to see and modify all aspects of the account (including DNS and FTP) but cannot change permissions of other users. Recommended for third parties.

Read Only

The user will be able to view statistics and other basic details but won’t be able to edit anything and doesn’t have FTP access.